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Raikkonen targets Valencia victory

By Berthold Bouman

Just like his younger team colleague Romain Grosjean, Kimi Raikkonen thinks a win at Valencia this weekend is certainly a possibility. The Fin has never won the European Grand Prix and a victory is high on his to-do list.

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus

Raikkonen thinks Valencia is an altogether different circuit, “Valencia is a street circuit, but the layout is not like Albert Park, Monaco or Montreal. It’s definitely the fastest track of these four. It’s likely to be hot and we seem to go well in warm conditions so that’s what we’ll be hoping for.”

He also admitted Lotus needs to improve their qualifying pace, “Qualifying is going to be very, very important again here. Obviously, there will be an advantage to starting on the clean side of the track as the streets are only used as a circuit once each year. It’s not an easy place to overtake and we’ll have to see how much help the DRS will be.”

Asked whether he could become the eighth winner of the season he replied, “Valencia is all about being very consistent. It’s so easy to lose time with small mistakes. I love winning and that’s what I’m always trying for. I’ve never won in Valencia, so it’s a good target. Last time I raced in Valencia I finished in third after starting from sixth on the grid which was not too bad.”

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