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Pirelli announces tyre compounds for German and Hungarian GP

By Berthold Bouman

Italian tyre supplier Pirelli today announced the tyre compounds allocated for the German and Hungarian Grand Prix. Hockenheim, the host of the German Grand Prix, is a new circuit for Pirelli.

Pirelli announced tyre compounds for German and Hungarian GP

After performing simulations and also using the data from GP3 races, Pirelli came to the conclusion the P Zero White (medium) and P Zero Yellow (soft) tyre compounds will be ‘the best combination to cope with the wide-ranging demands of the German circuit, which contains several fast sections as well as a slower and more technical loop’.

The same tyres will be used in Hungary as Pirelli stated in a press release, “The Hungaroring, which was used last year, is much more tight and twisty with little grip. Ambient and track temperatures are normally very high, which also suit the P Zero White (medium) and P Zero Yellow (soft) tyres.”

For each race each driver will receive six sets of the harder compound, and five sets of the softer compound. In rainy conditions teams will get four sets of intermediates and three sets of full wet tyres per driver.


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