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British GP: Marussia has major upgrade for Silverstone

By Berthold Bouman

The Anglo-Russian Marussia team is also looking forward to their home Grand Prix at the last year renewed Silverstone circuit. Marussia recently moved their base to Banbury, just 17 miles from the Silverstone track. Not only is Team Principal John Booth looking forward to racing in his backyard, he is also proud his team has now developed their first major car upgrade.

Timo Glock, Marussia

“We have a fairly significant upgrade for this race, comprising a new rear wing, exhausts, floor and side pods,” said Booth. And he further explained, “I would have to describe this as our ‘first proper wind-tunnel generated upgrade of the season’; we’ve had some smaller parts in Malaysia and China, and a few small iterations recently, but this is the first fully developed package that is not just a modification of existing elements.”

Timo Glock, who suffered from a stomach bug in Valencia and therefore was unable to race, is ready for the British Grand Prix. “I can’t wait to get back in the car and work with the team towards a smooth home race for the fantastic British fans,” Glock said.

“We have some substantial upgrade developments which I hope will give us a little step forward and ensure we can have a good showing.” Silverstone is one of his favourite tracks and Glock commented, “Normally it can be very interesting with the weather; not just the sunshine or rain, but it can often be quite windy, which can upset the car quite a lot from day-to-day and from session to session.”

Rookie Charles Pic also loves the track, “I love the fantastic fast corners, particularly from Copse through Becketts and on to Stowe.” He too hopes the upgrades will bring the team the progress they need. “I am now eager to see the new aero package results on the track. It is quite a comprehensive step for the team and the result of a really collaborative effort,” the Frenchman said.

He is also looking forward to race in front of the British fans, “Off-track it is going to be very busy with plenty of PR activity with the partners and our fans, but I know we can expect a massive reception from them, which will give the team an extra boost!”


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