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GPDA chairman de la Rosa wants investigation into de Villota’s accident

By Berthold Bouman

Maria de Villota’s accident last Tuesday should be thoroughly investigated, according to Pedro de la Rosa, chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA). “We will put the facts on the table to see if there is anything we need to change to improve,” said the veteran HRT driver.

Chairman of the GPDA, Pedro de la Rosa

And he added, “When an accident happens, it means that something didn’t work properly. We need to make sure between the FIA, the teams and the GPDA that we make changes for the future because it’s not good enough.”

The search for the answers to the many questions surrounding this bizarre accident has already started, the Marussia Formula One Team has started their own investigation and inspectors from the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) visited the airfield on Wednesday.

Many of de Villota’s compatriots have reacted on this horrible accident. Tennis ace Rafa Nadal reacted on Twitter, “Maria I hope you recover soon, you must be strong and we hope to see you back as soon as possible.”

Also Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso was shocked when he heard the news, he said during the usual Thursday FIA press conference at Silverstone. “Obviously we are very worried for this situation [referring to de Villota’s condition] because we are still waiting for some more news. We only know what you all know and there are still some difficult days until the situation is completely clear.”

And the Spaniard further commented, “Sad days, for sure, completely shock when you hear the news and how what happened is possible. Obviously we don’t know all the information it’s difficult to talk about the reasons etc. until we know the official version but at the moment, it’s so difficult to imagine how this can happen.”

And McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton said, “I don’t know her personally, but when I read about it I was absolutely devastated for her and for her family. I think it’s very, very tragic and myself and my team, we send on our warmest wishes her way and hope that she has a speedy recovery, hope that things get better.”

Also Felipe Massa was devastated when he heard the news. In 2009 the Brazilian Ferrari driver was hit in the eye by a spring that had fallen of Rubens Barrichello’s car, and like no other, he knows how difficult it is to recover from such a terrible accident.

“She has my full support because I’ve been in a similar position. Thank God nothing happened to me,” said Massa. “The most important thing is that the FIA understands what happened. We need to make it the maximum safe we can. I really hope everything will be okay for her and for her to live her life in the way she deserves.”


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