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Maria de Villota released from Spanish hospital after Marussia test accident

By Berthold Bouman

Maria de Villota has been released from hospital after her testing accident at Duxford Airfield on July 3. The 32-year old Marussia test driver sustained serious head and facial injuries and lost her right eye following a test accident at the British airfield. Last week she was flown back to her native Spain where she was admitted to the La Paz hospital in Madrid.

Maria de Villota released from hospital today

A statement issued today read, “The patient’s general conditions are good, which allowed us to release her yesterday. In these six days, she has been treated by specialists of the plastic and neurological surgery services, and the ophthalmology department, who will continue to follow her, as she will need to undergo periodical checks and treatments.

“As communicated previously, the patient has lost her right eye, as a consequence of the serious trauma suffered, and she will be closely followed by the ophthalmology service. The specialists of the plastic surgery service will be responsible for following the serious injuries to her face and correcting the effects of those.”

Marussia has conducted an investigation into the crash and concluded the Marussia F1 car de Villota was driving was not at fault. Marussia have not found any issues with the car that could have led to the accident according to a statement the team issued last week, another external investigation is still underway.

De Villota’s accident has prompted questions about the safety precautions that should be taken during straight-line aerodynamic testing at airfields such as Duxford and other British airfields, the FIA is also investigating the crash to see whether additional safety improvements are needed.


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