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Formula One future Nurburgring still not secured

By Berthold Bouman

After receiving a major financial boost last week, an official of the German Nurburgring today admitted the circuit can not pay Ecclestone’s sanctioning fee to secure the 2013 German Grand Prix. Last week it was understood the race would be on for next year, as the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, who also own 90 per cent of the track, had released 254 million Euro to guarantee the short-time future of the circuit.

Nurburgring 1937

The circuit got into financial problems after spending 235 million Euro in 2009 on re-developing the circuit. Last week track boss Jorg Lindner said, “I am very optimistic that Formula One will be going to the Nurburgring next year.” He also announced he would be talking with FOM CEO Bernie Ecclestone during the summer, to discuss the Formula One future of the classic race track.

But today news emerged the circuit can not pay Ecclestone’s usual sanctioning fee. Head of Development of the Nurburgring Thomas Schmidt said today, “We simply don’t have that kind of money. If Ecclestone accepts an offer without this typical fee, we can certainly keep Formula One.”

Last month there were even rumours Ecclestone could buy the Nurburgring himself to secure the race for 2013, but that will certainly not happen. “We don’t want to lose any of the racetracks, and we need to keep the race in Germany,” said Ecclestone last week. “We will do our best.”


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