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Webber confident of strong Red Bull showing at Singapore

By Berthold Bouman

Mark Webber is confident Red Bull will have a strong race at Singapore this weekend. On the high-speed circuits of Spa and Monza, the Red Bull RB8’s weak point, the straight-line speed, seriously hampered Webber’s chances for a good result, on the maximum-downforce Marina Bay street circuit, however, the Australian hopes to be back in the running for the title again.

Mark Webber leading Sebastian Vettel at Monza

“It’s good to be here in Singapore,” said Webber ahead of Friday practice. “It’s a race I enjoy and we’re going back to a set-up configuration that should play to the RB8’s strengths. I see this race as a re-set for the team and I think that will be reflected in the pecking order on the grid. McLaren have been on a bit of a run recently, but I don’t expect them to have it all their own way here.”

But it will be a difficult race for man and machine, Webber reckons. “This is one of the toughest races of the year for the cars and the drivers,” he said. “It’s hot and humid, and it’s long — all of the races have gone close to the two-hour cut-off. The speeds are relatively slow, but it’s technically demanding and tough on brakes because the temperatures are high. If you get a result here, you deserve it.”

Of course there is still the issue with the alternator, which cost his team colleague Sebastian Vettel a lot of points, and although Renault and supplier Magneti Marelli have been working hard to come up with a solution, it is still not 100 percent sure the alternator problems have been fixed, and to make it worse, it is always hot in Singapore, even during the evening and night.

After the last couple of races some members of the press have been writing us off,” said Webber. “But you’ve got to remember that we’re still leading the Constructors’ Championship and the upcoming races will suit us better.”

His aim is to close the season with at least one win during the remaining seven Grands Prix, “I had a very consistent start to the season, taking four consecutive top four places, and people would kill for those fourth places between now and the end of the season. I hope to finish the year like I started it, with a win or two thrown in!”


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