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Japanese GP: Felipe Massa concentrating on Suzuka race, instead of worrying about future

By Berthold Bouman

Although Felipe Massa’s future at Ferrari is still very uncertain, the Brazilian wants to concentrate on the race at Suzuka this weekend, instead of worrying about his future at the Reds. Compared to Fernando Alonso’s first position in the Drivers’ Championship, Massa’s tenth place is disappointing to say the least.

Massa wants to concentrate on racing and scoring points

“Of course my future is important, but right now it’s the results that are the most important thing, which means I have to concentrate on each race as it comes. I know what I can do, what I can give to the team and what are my talents. The best plan is to race without worrying about the future,” said Massa.

And he added, “The preparation is more or less similar to the other races, although having said that, it’s true that Suzuka is quite a demanding circuit to drive from the physical point of view.” In 2006 Massa took pole position at Suzuka, “Suzuka is a very difficult and complex track, where a driver can make the difference, showing plenty of aggression through the high-speed corners, so to be the fastest man in qualifying there is definitely a good feeling.”

He was optimistic about his chances this year, “Our car can be competitive at Suzuka, because there are plenty of high-speed corners which suits the F2012, as can be seen from the fact we were competitive in Silverstone back in the summer and these two tracks have some characteristics in common, in terms of the required levels of downforce and how you set up the car.”

The Brazilian driver is certainly impressed with the progress his team has made after a very difficult start of the season, “We have tested constantly, nearly always bringing new parts to the track at each race. The job is all about scoring one more point than the others when it comes to the final race and so I hope we can improve it even more for the remaining races than we have done so far!”


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