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Indian GP: Championship still open, Alonso and Ferrari still fully committed

By Berthold Bouman

The championship is still open, according to the number two in the Formula One Drivers’ Championship, Fernando Alonso. He admitted the two start crashes he had in Belgium and Japan did hurt his title chances, but the Spaniard is adamant he can still win the 2012 title, as he is only six points behind leader Sebastian Vettel.

Title still possible according to Alonso

“My situation is quite good, you could say it’s the second best situation as we are almost on the same points total as Vettel, with four races to go and there is every possibility open for the championship. We are in the situation that we plan to fight for the championship all the way to the end,” he said today.

When quizzed about the recent progress Red Bull has made he said, “It’s true that in the last few races, Red Bull has been very strong and quick, but we have seen all year that there have been ups and downs for everybody, so we need to improve our situation and our level of competitiveness and try to catch them.”

But Alonso also thinks a good qualifying position is of paramount importance, “It all depends on the position from which you start. If you start from pole, you avoid 99% of the crashes, so we need to improve our Saturday pace and start at the front to avoid these incidents. But there is no specific action one can take to avoid first lap accidents.”

The double World Champion doesn’t think it will be a straight-forward battle, and he believes the battle for the best upgrade packages will also play an important role. “I think it will be a battle of packages: everyone will have his own strong points and weak points,” he said.

And he further explained, “At the moment we have seen that Red Bull maybe has the fastest car, especially on Saturday. They will try and make the most of this strong point and we will try to use our strong points. It is a matter of pushing everything to the limits now; the car development, the strategy and the approach to the weekends.”

And not just Alonso, but everyone at Ferrari wants to reel in the championship, “As for my motivation, it is better than ever and not just me, the whole team is very motivated, everyone in the team wants this championship. We have struggled all year with our car, especially in the first part of the season and now with four races to go, we are going on full attack for the last month with everyone in the team so focused.”


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