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Stefano Domenicali about the 2012 season: Alonso deserved the title

By Berthold Bouman

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari - Photo: FerrariFerrari Team Principal Stefano Domenicali once again said that his star driver Fernando Alonso deserved the 2012 title. Domenicali, who participated in a forum organised by Spanish newspapers Marca and El Mundo, said, “It was an incredible season and I believe Fernando really deserved the title. I’m not just saying that because he is one of our drivers, because I share that opinion with the great majority of his colleagues and observers.”

Asked what was missing this season he replied, “A quicker car and a bit of luck, given he pretty much did two races less than his competitors. Now, it’s down to us to give him and his team mate Felipe Massa, who was great in the second part of the season, not just in terms of his results, but also as a team player, a better car, especially for qualifying.”

About Alonso he said, “I’d score Fernando’s season a 10: he is a fantastic driver, who combines his amazing talent with our group of people, protective when he needs to be and pushing in the right direction when things are not going as they should. It’s a privilege to have him as part of our team.”

Of course Domenicali was asked about the letter Ferrari sent to the FIA concerning the yellow/green flag incident with Sebastian Vettel in Brazil, which was seen by many as an attempt to rob the now triple-World Champion of his 2012 crown. “It was incumbent on us to ask the Federation for a clarification, given everything that was going round on the Internet,” he said.

And he added, “We had no intention of belittling the merit of the title winner, but it was right to have the matter completely cleared up. The FIA has replied and we have noted their answer and now consider the matter to be closed.”

He also stressed Ferrari has great trust in Formula One’s governing body, the FIA. “It’s always difficult to understand where the limits are in a sport like Formula One, especially on the technical front. However, one thing is certain; if one doesn’t trust the referees in sport, in this case the FIA, then it’s better to do something else.”

Stefano Domenicali and Fernando Alonso, Ferrari - Photo: Ferrari

Fernando Alonso and Stefano Domenicali – Photo: Ferrari


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