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Ecclestone: I’m 82 years old and that’s how it is!

By Berthold Bouman

I didn’t take long for Bernie Ecclestone to react on Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo’s comments that the Formula One boss would be ‘too old’ for his job. “The one thing he is correct about is my age — there is no doubt about that. I can’t do anything about that. I’m 82 years old and that’s how it is,” said Ecclestone to the BBC.

Bernie Ecclestone facing investigation by German Prosecutor

Bernie Ecclestone

And the FOM CEO said about Montezemolo, “He says he doesn’t remember what he says very often. Luca is not as old as me. I’m sure in his case it has nothing to do with his age because he’s always been the same. At least he’s consistent. God knows what’s going to happen when he’s 82.”

But Ecclestone doesn’t take Montezemolo’s comments seriously, he actually likes the Ferrari boss, “Luca is a lovely guy, I’m probably as a big a supporter of him as anybody. I am a big admirer of Luca’s and I’m sorry for all the trouble he’s had with politics recently. He should never have got involved in the first place.”

Ecclestone suspects Fernando Alonso pushed Ferrari to seek clarification about the Vettel yellow flag saga from Formula One’s governing body, the FIA. “I think there was so much pressure from probably the driver. You must remember he’s [Alonso] been saying nearly every race this year the car is rubbish and it’s a bit difficult for them not to look as if they’re trying to do something to help him.”

About the other things Montezemolo complained of, in particularly the current in-season test ban, are easy to explain as on Friday the FIA has its Annual General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey, where the future regulations of the sport will be discussed.


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