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Austin wants to move 2013 United States Grand Prix to another date

By Berthold Bouman

Austin wants to move 2013 United States Grand Prix to another dateOfficials of the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) are not happy with the current date of the 2013 United States Grand Prix, and are trying to move it to another date, the Austin American Statesman reported. The Formula One race takes place on November 15-17, but on November 16 the University of Texas football team will play a home match against Oklahoma State University, an event that usually draws more than 100,000 fans to Austin.

COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein said, “The Circuit of the Americas has expressed our strong preference for an alternate race date in 2013. We understand that setting a global calendar can be very challenging, involves many factors and is out of our control.”

And he added, “We feel confident that Formula One has taken our concerns seriously and is working earnestly towards a collective solution. Ultimately, our 2013 race date may remain as it currently stands.” Also US FIA Official Nick Craw admitted officials are still trying to move the race, but declined to comment in public.

With an expected total of more than 200,000 spectators for both events in one weekend, it is feared that there will be difficulties in finding suitable hotel accommodations, and hosting both venues at the same time would also be a huge challenge for Austin’s public transportation services to get all 200,000 spectators to the right place at the right time.

Circuit of the Americas - Photo: COTA

Start of the 2012 United States GP

Also problems in Germany, as the FIA World Motor Sport Council yesterday decided to move the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring to July 7, but at the same weekend the German MotoGP race takes place at the Sachsenring, and thus it seems German fans will have to choose between Formula One and MotoGP.

According to the German Autobild magazine, it is theoretically possible to move the MotoGP to July 14, one week before the whole MotoGP circus moves to the famous Laguna Seca circuit in the United States.


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