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Massa hoping to fight for 2013 title, McLaren and Red Bull main rivals

By Berthold Bouman

Massa hoping to fight for 2013 title, McLaren and Red Bull main rivalsJust like his team colleague Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa is determined to make the most of the 2013 season. The Brazilian driver had a difficult first half of the 2012 season, but found more speed in the second half, and was given another chance at the Ferrari family.

The Brazilian is confident ahead of this season, and is even aiming to fight for the title, “It’s always nice to start the year in Campiglio. Skiing and seeing everyone smiling is a great prelude to the season and I hope it is also a good sign for a championship in which I want to be a contender. I consider what I did in the second half of last year as training for this season and I want to be 100% competitive!”

“It was vital for me to change my approach, not so much in terms of understanding the car better or the tyres, but getting a better understanding of myself, believing in my ability, even when so many people said I’d lost it. I took to the track trying to find a sense of calm and especially trying to enjoy myself and that helped a lot in regaining my self-confidence,” Massa explained.

Not only does he hope to be a contender for the 2013 title, he also hopes Alonso will help him in the same way he helped the Spaniard the past seasons. “We are fighting for two titles and I am sure the team will help me if it turns out that my situation was the same as the one that meant Fernando was a contender these past years. I remember when Kimi was my team-mate and how much we helped one another from one season to the next,” said Massa.

Felipe Massa feels at home in the snow - Photo: Ferrari

Felipe Massa feels at home in the snow too – Photo: Ferrari

And he added, “It’s the same with Fernando, it’s team work, while the harmony between us is a help, as it would be in any job. In Australia we start over from zero and it will all depend on my ability and on the way the championship pans out. I hope to get off to the best possible start and my aim is always to carry the Brazilian flag onto the highest step of the podium.”

About Ferrari’s new car, which will be unveiled on February 1 in Maranello, he said, “We must wait and see the new car on track and right from the second test, we will have some indication, but it won’t be until Australia that we will know if we have done a good job.”

About Ferrari’s main rivals he was clear, “Vettel is definitely one of our main rivals, but McLaren also finished last year with a very quick car and the stability of the regulations means they too will be contenders. In any case, I am confident in my team and I am sure Ferrari will be in the hunt!”


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