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Ferrari launches new F138 at Maranello, evolution of 2012 car

By Berthold Bouman

Ferrari launches new F138 at Maranello, evolution of 2012 car - Photo: FerrariFerrari launched their 2013 contender, the F138, at their headquarters in Maranello today. The car, designed by Technical Director Pat Fry and Chief Designer Nicolas Tombazis, doesn’t have the stepped nose, but still has the pull-rod front suspension like its predecessor the F2012.

Ferrari reorganised their technical department ahead of the 2013 season, and the F138 is described by Ferrari as an evolution of the 2012 car, but every part has been revised in order to maximise the performance.

According to a Ferrari statement, “The design philosophy of the suspension layout has not changed and it continues to use pull-rods both front and rear, but it has been refined to the limit, in order to gain as much aerodynamic advantage as possible, especially at the rear.”

“The configuration of the front and rear wings derives directly from the last versions used on the F2012, partly because development of that car ran all the way to the final race of last season,” the statement further read.

The Ferrari F138 – Photos: Ferrari

But the aerodynamic elements of the car as shown today are already obsolete, and ‘significant modifications will be introduced in the weeks leading up to the first race and a busy development programme is already planned’.

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) on the rear wing has been revised due to the modifications of the 2013 Sporting Regulations. According to Ferrari, “Great attention has been paid to weight reduction and on increasing rigidity.”

The KERS system is still located in the mid-lower part of the car to maintain maximum safety standards. Ferrari put a lot of effort in reducing the size and weight of the system, and at the same time improved the efficiency of the components to ensure the highest level of performance during those seven seconds the system can be used during a lap.

During testing in Jerez and Barcelona, Ferrari will also work on understanding the new Pirelli tyres, the team’s pit stops work and strategy management.


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