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Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes test crash at Jerez just a ‘blip’

By Berthold Bouman

Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes test crash at Jerez just a 'blip' - Photo: Mercedes-BenzLewis Hamilton seems to be unconcerned by the crash he had yesterday when he had for the first time a taste of the Mercedes W04. The 2008 World Champion crashed at Turn 6 and hit the barriers at 60mph, the front of the car was damaged and testing was over after just 15 laps.

According to Mercedes the crash was caused by a rear brake failure, and Hamilton confirmed this. “I hit the brake, and for a split second they worked, but then the pedal went straight down. It wouldn’t work any more. If all the brakes had stopped working then I would have hit the wall pretty bad,” he said.

“After that I just had to brace for impact. It wasn’t a big one. It didn’t feel great initially, but there was nothing much I could do. Because I went in straight my legs took a bit of a thump,” said Hamilton, who escaped unhurt.

Hamilton unfazed by testing problems - Photo: Mercedes-BenzHe wasn’t really worried about the crash, “I’m just glad that firstly I’m safe and that it’s happened now, not when we’re in the season or something. This is what testing’s all about.”

But it did limit his time in the car, wasn’t that a bit of a set-back? “Of course we would love to have done several days and it is disappointing for all of us in the team because everyone has worked so hard over the winter and we didn’t anticipate this, but I’m glad we get it out of the way now so we don’t have to worry about it hopefully in the future,” said Hamilton.

He remained positive, “You can’t get fazed by these days, you’ve just got to keep looking forward and remain positive. The guys in the garage are not trying to have this kind of thing happen, they’re working as hard as they can, and back at the factory.”

“I’m glad that this didn’t happen in the last test at Barcelona — that would really suck — but with having it now we can get it out of the way. If there’s any more problems to come I hope that they come tomorrow and the next day and then we can have a few days after that.”

“Hopefully it is just a blip,” he added. “We have a long way to go until Melbourne.”

Hamilton’s crash and the small on-board fire Rosberg had on Monday, means Mercedes is now behind on their test schedule, as they have only completed 25 laps in the past two days only, while other teams have already wrapped up 150 to 180 laps and collected valuable data about the new Pirellis as well.


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