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Bahrain GP: Red Bull drivers – It’s easier to keep the rhythm with back to back races

By Berthold Bouman

Bahrain GP: Red Bull drivers - It’s easier to keep the rhythm with back to back racesNot much love is lost between Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, that is a fact. In Malaysia Vettel surprised friend and foe when he ignored the, by now famous, team order ‘multi 21’, which means car 2 (Webber) should finish ahead of car 1 (Vettel).

Vettel initially said he didn’t know what it meant, but footage the BBC showed last weekend, proves he does know what it means, as he said over the team radio during the Belgian Grand Prix, “I need a multi 1-2, I need a multi 1-2”, whereupon his team assured him there was nothing to be worried about. And he got what he wanted.

But back to 2013, the Bahrain Grand Prix will be Webber’s 200th Formula One race, and the Australian will become member of an exclusive club in Grand Prix racing this weekend.

200th Grand Prix for Webber this weekend - Photo: Red Bull Racing

200th Grand Prix for Webber this weekend – Photo: Red Bull Racing

Mark Webber: You need to make sure you’re ready for the next event

Asked about his opinion regarding back-to-back races Webber commented, “We like racing and it’s another opportunity to go racing again soon, so that’s a positive. We’re already roughly in the same part of the world, so back to back races can be an efficient way for us to go racing; as an industry it’s good organisation.”

And how does he prepare for such a race? “It’s important to make sure you get ready for the next race off the back of the first one, so travelling as soon as you can is important. If you have a very big result at the first race then you’re not going to stay in the night club too long that evening celebrating, as you need to make sure you’re ready for the next event. It’s a short turnaround; you want to make sure that the training is sensible and you’re keeping yourself healthy,” said Webber.

Quizzed about the best corner at the Sakhir circuit he was adamant, “I quite like the last sector, Turns 12 and 13, up over the crest, that’s a nice part of the lap. It’s a little bit quicker, because the rest of the track is quite slow and not super exhilarating. There are some quick-ish corners, which are quite rewarding.”

Sebastian Vettel - Photo: Red Bull Racing

Sebastian Vettel – Photo: Red Bull Racing

Sebastian Vettel: You get into the rhythm quickly

Also Vettel was asked about his feelings concerning back-to-back races, but the German doesn’t have any problems with it, “The positive is that on the Friday of the second race, you get into the rhythm quickly. You save time by travelling direct from one race to the next and can adapt to the time zone a bit quicker, as you don‘t have to travel so far. The only thing is that there‘s not much time for physical and mental recovery after the first race.”

And how does Vettel prepare for such a race? “I make the most of the Monday after the first race, in terms of relaxing and recovery. On the Tuesday, I do some easy training in the gym or some badminton, to keep the body and mind in correct mode.”

“But,” he said, “It‘s important that the race calendar is well-balanced so that drivers can get proper rest periods in order to be able to push 100 percent at each event. This means that sometimes it is good to have back to back races and then some longer breaks.”

Red Bull is currently leading the Constructors’ Championship with 78 points, just five points ahead of Ferrari. Vettel is leading the Drivers’ Championship with 52 points, while Webber is sixth with 26 points.

Webber’s 200th Grand Prix – Video by Red Bull Racing

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