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Bahrain GP: Alonso – Ferrari needs to be a little bit faster

By Berthold Bouman

Bahrain GP: Alonso - Ferrari needs to be a little bit fasterFerrari are on the right pace this season, but like all other teams, they want to go even faster. The FIA Formula One World Championship is dominated by four World Champions: Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, the latter performed miracles for his new team, Mercedes.

Fernando Alonso: It was eleven or twelve races that we had not won

Alonso looks back at the Chinese Grand Prix and said about his victory, “I was very happy, as not winning for a while is a very difficult matter to deal with,” he said. “It was eleven or twelve races that we had not won, even if we were consistently on the podium. However, [this season] we need to be consistently on the podium if we want to fight for the championship.”

Like many other drivers, the Spaniard reckons it’s all about the new Pirelli tyres in 2013, “Last year, we saw many surprises in the early part of the season and this is the time when we look at everyone’s potential and increase our own learning of the new rules and other new elements: this year the tyres are probably the main learning process we are all tackling right now.”

Fernando Alonso - Photo: Ferrari

Fernando Alonso – Photo: Ferrari

About the race for the 2013 crown the double World Champion said, “Not having Sebastian on the podium in China is good news at the moment only because he is currently leading the championship and I would feel the same if it was Lewis or Webber for example in the lead. It’s not because it’s Sebastian the person, it’s because he’s leading!”

But he insisted it is way too early to think about winning the championship, “I don’t think we are the car to beat at the moment, just because we have this one victory. We need to keep improving and to be a little bit faster. There are some new pieces for this race and new components coming to Barcelona and Monaco. So hopefully in the next month and a half, we can be at the level of the best cars.”

Felipe Massa: I have always liked driving this circuit

Felipe Massa has won the Bahrain Grand Prix twice (2007 and 2008), asked about the secret to win this race he answered, “I have always liked driving this circuit, since the first time I came here with Sauber in 2004. It’s a nice track, with long straights and hard braking, where traction is also important.”

Quizzed about his current and former team colleagues at Ferrari he said, “I have always had strong team-mates and many people have said that’s not a good thing, but for me it’s a positive. It motivates you to always do the best you can, because if you don’t do a perfect job, it shows, as your team-mate is always there. I have learned a lot from partnering what people all over the world have usually considered the best drivers of all. You are always under pressure to be perfect every day and I like that!”

Massa won the Bahrain GP twice - Photo: Ferrari

Massa won the Bahrain GP twice – Photo: Ferrari

For this weekend’s race, the Brazilian is a little worried about the tyres, Pirelli has allocated the Medium and Hard tyre compounds. “I had a big problem with graining on the Medium tyres at the last race, already in Friday practice,” Massa revealed. “I am not concerned about having the Hard tyres here, because I had no problem with them in Malaysia: there was graining but it was the same for everyone.”

It’s all about the strategy Massa said, “I think here the time difference will be big between the two tyre types, which means most people will try and use the Medium as much as possible in the race. Therefore, once again, it will be vital to work out a good strategy.”

Ferrari is second in the Constructors’ Championship, just five points behind leader Red Bull, and 13 points ahead of Lotus. Alonso is third in the Drivers’ Championship, while Massa is fifth.

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